March 8, 2021

Executive Detail Assignment – Shavon Keys Acting VP Sales

Steve Monteith, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer (CCMO) & Executive Vice President has announced the detail assignment of Shavon Keys to the Sales Vice President position within the CCMO organization, effective March 6.

Currently, Shavon is the Area Sales Director for Great Lakes. Since her appointment in October 2014, she has been responsible for the leadership and development of eight district sales managers and 78 sales professionals. Shavon led efforts to update the Sales Management Process, and she established the Sales Leadership Summit which became the foundation for the Executive Sales Leadership Program.

In 1978, Shavon began her postal career as an Automated Mark-Up Clerk at the Indianapolis Post Office. She has held positions in Marketing and Sales since 1997, including Customer Service Representative, Account Representative, District Shipping & Mail Solutions Manager, and District Account Management Acquisition Manager. With over 23 years of experience in the Sales organization, Shavon brings exceptional communication, engagement, and leadership skills to the position.

Shavon is a graduate of the USPS Advanced Leadership Program, Executive Foundations, and Executive Leadership Programs. She has also received industry certification for Professional Selling and Sales Executive.