Presort Essentials has been a great help to our processes here at Mountain America Credit Union. As we grow, Presort Essentials is there to help us with our operational needs and grow with us. We were looking for some cost savings for our mail that we send out and Presort Essentials found us a solution. We also rely on Presort Essentials to come and get our mail daily for delivery to the post office. Without that service we would have to spend countless man hours driving to the post office. They have also stepped up and helped us find cost savings that we did not even know about on our mailings. That overall customer service is excellent and has helped Mountain America Credit Union save thousands of dollars. Any company who needs to send items to the post office would benefit from Presort Essentials outstanding service and cost savings.

Christel Pledger, Mountain America Credit Union

We switched to Presort Essentials because the company we worked with before had terrible customer service. We have been EXTREMELY happy with the customer service offered to us by Presort. They are always available if we have any questions, and they have come to our office to help us fix mistakes that we made. They are always right on time for pick up, and their billing is easy to understand. We would recommend Presort to anyone looking for friendly service and great pricing.

Kelly Kevertsen, Pro Tools, Inc

Our representative from Presort Essentials is very helpful. She has shown us ways to save on cost and is always prompt and courteous when taking care of our needs!

April McCloud, Express Recovery

A number of years ago, we changed our statement processing to a new company. At that time, the new company told us they had a good relationship with Presort Essentials. When I talked to them, I found that they had the processing capabilities I needed for our daily mail as well as what I needed for the statements we were still doing in-house. In the time we have worked together, I have always found the staff at Presort to be very helpful in answering any mail question I might have. They have guided me through a number of situations where special handling was needed and pointed out a number of cost saving opportunities. I have always enjoyed working with them and appreciate their professionalism. I would recommend them highly as a mailing service.

Dave Ballingham, Bank of Utah

AAPC chose Presort because we felt that Presort offered the best service for what we needed. AAPC was approached over five years ago by a sales rep, and we have never had any reason to change service. AAPC benefits because by outsourcing our mail we save time and money when it comes to processing our mail. Presort Essentials is a very professional and reliable company. Their drivers have always been very friendly, consistent, and great to work with. The drivers are the face of Presort and I feel that Dave and Tom (my drivers) represent Presort very professionally. I know that all companies with a high volume of mail being sent would definitely benefit from using Presort Essentials.

Chris Roberts, AAPC

Security National Life switched to Presort Essentials four years ago and everything is wonderful with their great services. They handle our mail with a responsible attitude and is a great business partner; plus they are comfortable to work with. No mistakes compared to others and they save our time which makes our business process much easier. They will process all types of mail with ease and care. We strongly recommend to work with Presort Essentials; you will get an unexpected profit for the company.

Yee Wong, Security National Life

Having done presort mailing for years, we were looking for competitive and simple pricing. Presort Essentials gave us this and in the process we have gained a reliable business partner. They work with our needs to find the best and most cost-effective solution. Their service and communication are both proactive and excellent. We look forward to continued business and highly recommend Presort Essentials.

Ryan Taylor, Paramount Acceptance

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