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Presort Essentials commingles millions of mail pieces annually to achieve United States Postal Service volume discounts. These discounts allow us to provide postage savings to you.


Presort Essentials uses high speed, large volume, automated mail sorters to qualify for volume discounts.


Presort Essentials picks up your mail, processes, expedites and presents it to the USPS the same day. The presort work is all done for you. Simply change the postage rate in your meter machine.

Industries We Serve

  • Financial industries
  • Security companies
  • Religious organizations
  • Employee recognition companies
  • Marketing companies
  • International supplement companies
  • Government organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Technology/Manufacturing
  • Collection Agencies
  • Medical offices, health institutions

Presort Essentials is a certified presort mailing bureau for the U.S. Postal Service. We offer mailing services and postage discounts for critical and non-critical letters, flats, postcards, certified, international mail, parcels and packages to companies from Logan to Spanish Fork.

In an effort to reduce expense and improve efficiency, the U.S. Postal Service began a work partnership program with companies who could presort mail by sorting it down to specific zip code sequencing. As a work partner of the USPS, Presort Essentials collects mail from various companies and commingles the mail, sorting it down by zip codes and ensuring it is mail stream ready.

The Post Office rebates a portion of the postage to Presort Essentials in exchange for this important and valuable service. As an incentive to use our service - we share a portion of this rebate - enabling you to reduce your mailing costs immediately. There is nothing for you to buy as your metering machine can meter for less. It is a straightforward business proposition, with no gimmicks, no guesswork, and nothing additional for you to do... except meter your mail for less.

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